The Underpass: Electric Analude Instrumentals, Volume 1

by Steven Rowat

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From the book "Flirting With The Past" (included in the album download):

    "For over two hundred years equal temperament has had a near monopoly on the scales of pianos, organs, synth keyboards, guitars, saxophones, clarinets and other fixed note instruments, but in the late 1970s I had been reading Harry Partch’s Genesis of a Music (Da Capo, 1974) in which he makes a convincing argument that the just scale will be musically superior… I decided I needed a way that I could hear in real-time what Partch was writing about, so in about 1980 I devised a custom slide instrument in order to compare the just and equal-tempered musical scales, and the ‘analude’ is the name I eventually gave to this instrument....
    "Over the next few years I explored the analude’s musical capabilities and made recordings, and most of these are being published for the first time, in 2012, as the Electric Analude Instrumen­tals Volumes 1 and 2."
    —from the Preface (page 1).

    "....[A]s the range of the different types of sounds I could make with the analude increased, I became more deeply expressive of my subconscious while using it, although I was only vaguely aware of this at the time; most of my conscious attention went to the details of developing the analude, and physically adjusting its setup; and playing it."
    —from the Comments for "Nameless (ii)" (page 8).


released December 21, 2012



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